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2000t Down Stroke Swaging Press

Our 2000t Down Stroke Swaging Press sets itself apart thanks to its very good accessibility and the piston located on top. This means that the workpiece remains in position during swaging and is particularly simple to finish.

Most important characteristics:

  • Down stroke press
  • Solid
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • High performance

Suitable for the following ferrules:

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Special Voltage:



Our rigging arm RA-1250 aids the operator to produce a turn back hard- or soft eye easily and safe.

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Our hydraulic press in use

This video demonstrates working with our swager. It illustrates the fundamental principle of swaging using an aluminium ferrule. This includes one example of a simple wire rope sling and one example with a thimble. This fundamental finishing process applies to our entire swager programme. The integrated automatic function is very helpful if you have to process large batches: without taking your foot off the foot pedal, the press closes and opens again as soon as the set pressure has been reached. You can preset the return stroke in the process. This saves time and is ergonomic. The controls have identical design on our 900 kN, 3000 kN, 6000 kN, 12500 kN and 20000 kN machines.

Images of our 2000t Down Stroke Swaging Press

Technical data

  Value Unit
Max. pressure capacity 20 000 kN
Max. piston stroke 150 mm
Max. oil pressure 350 bar
Unloaded stroke speed (up to 4500 kN) 6,5 mm/s
Loaded stroke speed (ab 4500 kN) 1,6 mm/s
Reversing speed 9,7 mm/s
Swaging die take up (W x H) 380 x 300 mm
With angle packings (w x h) 300 x 250 or
250 x 200
Operating height 910 mm
Power supply 37 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz  
Stroke limit smooth, electronic control  
Automatic control    
Foot switch    
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2500 x 2000 x 2620 mm
Weight 15300 kg
Oil capacity 550 l


Cutting-edge technology from Germany, tested for decades under the most hostile conditions.


We use only high quality components from leading manufacturers or components specially manufactured to our standards, ensuring that your machine is ready for use at all times. We guarantee a supply of spare parts for 30 years.

Easy to use

It is particularly easy to operate since the ferrule is pressed from the top and the work piece does not move vertically with the piston. The controls are located at the right spot and you can operate them intuitively. Documentation and signage are provided in the local language.


Our presses comply with the current valid EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and are manufactured according to ISO9001.

High speed / performance

Our presses stand apart thanks to their high engine performance and thus high press speeds.

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