Cutting and Annealing Machine Type 1225

The wire rope cutting and annealing machines Type 1224, 1225 and 1226, are intended for separating wire ropes in the diameters 4-30, 8-40 and 12-60 mm, enabling the ends of the wire rope to be conically tapered.

Your benefits:

  • Fast, central clamping of wire ropes from 8-40 mm in diameter without changing the jaw
  • Short annealing time thanks to special transformer
  • Simple operation
  • Easy adjustment of tapered length thanks to fine adjustment of clamping jaw clearance
  • No smoke nuisance
  • Compact design

Cutting industrial wire ropes

The video demonstrates working with our Type 1224 annealing machine. It illustrates the fundamental principle of separating a wire rope with a cutting and annealing machine. Depending on the wire rope diameter and the desired tapered end length the clearance between the clamping jaws is set before clamping the wire rope. Press the foot pedal to start the current flow, and the rope starts to glow. The wire rope is now slowly turned according to its lay direction and simultaneously pulled apart. The result is a professional looking tapered end on both sides of the rope. The fundamental work process applies to our entire annealing machine programme Type 1224-1226.