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Rigging Arm RA-1250

Rigging Arms for Wire Ropes

Our new rigging arms RA-1250, RA-2000 & RA-4000 aid the operator to produce a turn back hard- or soft eye easily and safe.

The rigging arm is divided into two modules: the turn section, that forms the eye and the pull sections that sizes the eye. The operation is self-explaining and easily performed with two joy sticks. So even a single person is now able to produce a big diameter lifting sling safe and without any force.


Safe and Easy to Handle

  • Dead end of the rope is securely clamped
  • Strong rotate and pull device
  • Easy operation via joy sticks


  • Less manpower involved
  • Fast production of soft and hard eyes

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Rigging Arm:
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4000t Down Stroke Press with Rigging Arm

Specification Rigging Arm

Option for Swaging Press 12 500 20 000, 40 000 kN
Rope diameter 36 -76 52 - 128 mm
Joy Stick operated yes yes  
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