Rigging Arm for Wire Ropes

Our rigging arms RA-1250, RA-2000 & RA-4000 aid the operator to produce a turn back hard- or soft eye easily and safe.

The rigging arm is divided into two modules: the turn section, that forms the eye and the pull sections that sizes the eye. The operation is self-explaining and easily performed with two joy sticks. So even a single person is now able to produce a big diameter lifting sling safe and without any force.

Safe and Easy to Handle:
  • Dead end of the rope is securely clamped
  • Strong rotate and pull device
  • Easy operation via joy sticks
  • Less manpower involved
  • Fast production of soft and hard eyes

Our hydraulic rigging arm in use

This video demonstrates working with our hydraulic rigging arm on a 1250t swager. It illustrates the fundamental principle of swaging an aluminium ferrule. This includes an example of a wire rope sling with a thimble. This fundamental finishing process applies to our entire swager programme. The rigging arm shown is very helpful for all wire ropes with diameters above 38mm. It saves time, is safe and ergonomic. The rigging arm is available for all our swaging machines above 1,000t.