SAHM ® Cutting & Annealing Machines

steel wire ropes

Cutting machines for wire rope from 1 to 60 mm.

Wire rope cutting machine Type 1224

High End Cutting Machines

Our cutting machines stand apart because of their short annealing time, simple operation and compact design. Our machines Type 1224, 1225 and 1226, are intended for separating wire ropes in the diameters 4-60 mm, enabling the ends of the wire rope to be conically tapered. Our Type SF-65 and SF-140 are intented to anneal wire ropes in the diameters 1-14 mm with a straight cut.


High quality parts and proven technology.


Fast central clamping without changing the jaws


Short annealing time and compact design
SF-140 - Detail

SF-140 – Detail

SF-65 - Detail

SF-65 – Detail

Type 1224

Type 1224



Type 1224 - Detail

Type 1224 – Detail

Type 1224 - Detail

Type 1224 – Detail

features & options

rope cutting

From very small to big diameters!

Our annealing machines have the positive feature that every model has a wide working range.


The health of your staff is also our responsibility, so our annealing machines 1224-1226 come with a powerful fan to extract the smoke to the outside.
 Smoke Extractor

Smoke Extractor

Our optional standalone and moveable unit allows you to be flexible in positioning the cutting machine on your shopfloor.

cutting results

cutting result with blades

… with blades

Cutting result with SF-65 & SF-140

… with SF-65 & SF-140

Cutting result with 1224, 1225, 1226

…with Type 1224 / 1225 / 1226