SAHM ® Swaging Machines

hydraulic swaging machines for wire ropes

SAHM 400t down stroke swaging machine

Efficiency and quality combined

We are always aiming for the highest quality but we are also aware that your people need to work efficient. That’s why we always develop our machines in close cooperation with our customers.

Force Range

From small hand swagers with 250 kN up full automatic machines with a capacity of 40.000 kN.

Ferrule sizes

You can swage all types of ferrules from code 1 up to Z 102 and also Flemish Eye ferrules up to 6″.

Piston stroke

…with piston strokes from 20mm to 260mm

Easy to use

Manual and automated functions all in favour of daily use.

High Performance

Short swaging time due to high loaded speed.


High quality components from leading manufacturers guarantee a high uptime.
End termination of ferrules
Training & advice
On-site service
800t swaging machine
Swaging die
Production hall


…to ensure maximum efficiency
Swaging die holder

Swaging die holder

Designed for a quick exchange of the dies.

Option: Adapter for the use of smaller swaging dies.

Control Panel

Control Panel

The controls are located at the right spot and you can operate them intuitively. Documentation and signage can be provided in the local language.

Rigging Arm

Rigging arms to aid the operator to produce a turn back hard- or soft eye easily and safe.


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