40t Swaging Press PLUS

Suitable for the following ferrules:

  • Aluminium ferrules up to ZEN® 8

Your benefits:

  • C-Shape – very good accessibility
  • Down Stroke – workpiece remains in position during swaging
  • Automatic Control – shorter cycle time (piston return starts automatically)
  • Stroke Limit – shorter cycle time (limitation of piston return)
  • Stroke Speed – our fastest swager (particularly suitable for serial production)
  • Low Noise – extremly low noise pump (<70 dB)

Our hydraulic press in use

This video demonstrates working with our 415 kN One Column Swaging Machine PLUS. It illustrates the fundamental principle of swaging an aluminium ferrule. This fundamental finishing process applies to our entire swager program. The integrated automatic function is very helpful if you have to process large batches: without taking your foot off the foot pedal, the press closes and opens again as soon as the set pressure has been reached. You can preset the return stroke in the process. This saves time and is ergonomic. The controls have similar design on our 900 kN, 1500 kN PLUS, 3000 kN, 6000 kN, 12500 kN, 20000 kN and 40000 kN machines.